a week at the beach

We had our family vacation at the beginning of June & it was so nice to escape to the beach for a week! We found out we were having some big plumbing issues the day before we left so it really was nice to just forget about house problems for a little while! We went with my parents and stayed at a big condo in Gulf Shores. This was our first time to stay in Gulf Shores & it was nice not having to drive quite so far!
Last year we didn't do our normal beach trip because we went to Disney World. Little Griff had not seen the ocean since he was Cheney's age! I was so excited to take all the kids & couldn't wait to see Cheney play on the beach.  Much like her middle brother, she LOVED everything about the beach. The boys are at such fun ages & they had a great time, too. I will let the pictures do the talking but it was a great week!

These were from our first day. The boys loved digging big holes and looking for crabs & Cheney loved playing with the sand and crawling in the surf!
One of my favorite beach items is our One Step Ahead pop-up tent. It is perfect for baby naps on the beach & Griffin enjoyed his snacks in there. Cheney took her morning nap down at the beach almost every day we were there. She was living the life!
Griffin's happy place was in the sand with his trucks!

Grayson & Nana

Our fearless girl!
We did pictures of the kids one night on the beach & let me just say, 3 kids make pictures comical! I love this one though!

We loved spending a couple of our nights on the beach playing Frisbee & searching for crabs.  Not a bad way to wind down before bed!
Cheney mastered the booty up crawl so her knees wouldn't get all scraped up. It is all about improvising!

The kids loved spending the week with Nana and Poppy!

We had the BEST time! Vacation definitely isn't really relaxing anymore but it sure is fun. We can't wait to go back!