Show Us Your Life--Wedding Reception!

It's that time of the week again! This week at Kelly's Korner, it is all about your wedding reception!
I know I am biased, but I LOVED our wedding reception! It was perfect and we had a blast! We got married on the front lawn of an old house in Roswell, GA and had the reception inside in the ballroom. While the guests were enjoying the cocktail hour, we enjoyed a (short) nice little dinner in the bridal suite!
The May's!
The dance floor stayed full all night...it was so much fun dancing with all of our family & friends!Alex, Sean, Phil, Greg, & Logan--love my high school friends!!
Magan caught the bouquet & Greg caught the garter...I love this picture.
Finally able to sit down--just for a sec!
This is my favorite picture of us at our reception--love looking at everyone behind us!
The Debonairs--our great band from Athens...I loved them!
I like to dance..a lot.
Ryan decided to get REALLY low during shout...typical:)
And we were off! Our limo never showed up so we got to enjoy our reception for an extra hour!! It actually turned out to be fine...we didn't want to leave! My best friend Lauren drove us to our hotel & we had a great time...I swear she should consider being a limo driver:)
Out of order, sorry....This was the ballroom.
We had an outdoor area too with a bar and tables...apparently lots of people enjoyed it!
Ben's cake:)
Loved my cake!!!
That's all! Hope you enjoyed!!

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Unknown said...

Your wedding looked like it was so so fun! :-) I loved your cake especially - gorgeous!