bye summer:(

Well my summer has officially ended and I have a brand new batch of 1st graders. They are so cute! I forgot how little they were last fall when the school year started...they are still so tiny! It is so strange...I was going through their information cards & these kids were all born my senior year of high school! Makes me feel really old!

It was fun to watch my kids from last year get to walk upstairs to where the "big kids" go. Last year was very interesting, but I have no regrets about choosing this job. I love what I do and I feel pretty lucky that I can say that.

Also, I have this precious little blonde boy in my class who is so sweet. On Friday during the pledge, he forgot what to do, so he closed his eyes and held his hands tight under his chin & prayed during the pledge of allegiance. So sweet!! I wish I had my camera out because he looked so innocent:)

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