16 weeks with Baby #3

How far along?: 16 weeks

How big is your baby?: the size of a navel orange
Total weight gain: up 1lb

Sex: We will find out soon! Grayson is still 100% convinced he is getting a "sissy."  
Maternity clothes: yes, I am already over my maternity jeans and ready for dresses and maxi skirts. I feel like I am tugging at my pants all day long.
  Sleep: Sleeping all night--hallelujah! The exhaustion, however, is not going away. This is by far my most tiring pregnancy. I am ready for bed by 9pm every night!
Symptoms: Other than being tired, I am feeling great! Hooray for the 2nd trimester!
Best moment this week: I sold Grayson's beloved Pottery Barn Kids big boy bedding. I eyed it for a year & loved it so much. However, the boys are going to share a room soon and that means moving to a twin bed! I found a great deal on bedding at Target & sold his!
Food cravings: It is so random. This week has been egg salad & sweet tea.

Belly button in or out: in.
What I miss: Excedrin Migraine. I miss regular headache medicine--Tylenol just doesn't cut it.
What I'm looking forward to: Our next appointment is on Monday & we are taking Grayson. He is so excited to hear the heartbeat! 


Mateya said...

How have you only gained 1 pound?! Tell me your secret haha! I am just in awe at my weight gain every single time...yuck!

Do you drink caffeine? My Dr. told me to drink a little caffeine (coke, pepsi,etc) when I got headaches. She claims it's a miracle worker for headaches. Obviously your husband probably can say whether that is just bs or not haha but anyway I usually only needed like half a can of Coke and mine went away! And I am not a soda drinker otherwise. Just an idea :)

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