15 weeks with Baby #3

How far along?: 15 weeks
How big is your baby? the size of a lemon (about 1.5oz!)
Total weight gain?: up 1lb so far
Sex: we find out on March 27th!
Maternity clothes: I am pretty much living in my maternity yoga pants on most days & I have already made the switch to Ben's t-shirts. Mine are too tight!
Stretch marks: nope! Hoping I can stay as lucky this third time!
Sleep: SO much better--no more randomly waking up and staying awake
Best moment this week: I love hearing Grayson talk about "his baby." He talks about his "sissy" all the time--even though we have told him that this baby very well may be another brother! I just love that he understands this time around & is excited!
Movement: not yet...hoping I will be able to feel something soon! I miss baby kicks!
Food cravings: Pad Thai was my random craving this week & my sweet family happily obliged last night.
Labor signs: no
Belly button in or out: in
What I miss: being able to take any kind of medicine that I want. Griff shared his cold with me & I miss medicine!
What I'm looking forward to: Shopping at one of our awesome consignment sales this week! Just wish I knew what kind of baby things to look for:)
Just for fun, here is a comparison of all 3 pregnancies at 15 weeks. I have gone through lots of paint colors & lots of hair changes!
(click to make it bigger)