I'm not a fan of change. I never have been. Change makes me feel anxious. I think in general I just have a tendency to worry & get nervous over silly things. Grayson {unfortunately} shares this trait with me. He does not do well with change & is such a creature of habit.
Our wonderful preschool director approached me a couple of weeks ago asking if we would consider moving Grayson up a class at school. She thought that academically he would be ready for this new class & that it would be good for him. He had some familiar faces from last year and from Sunday School in there. We agreed to do a trial day & go from there.
Ben and I both talked to Grayson about it & he immediately was turned off. He was so hesitant & kept saying how he liked his teachers and he liked his friend, Alex. We had to explain to him that he would really like these new teachers and he would make lots of new friends. Still, he was nervous.
His visit day was on Tuesday and I was a ball of nerves all morning. You see, Grayson has loved school from day 1 and I was so afraid that if he had a bad experience, it would make him dread going. 
He was actually excited about going all morning because 2 other kids from his class were moving up, too. It was all great until we were walking into the room. Then he fell apart. We put all his things away & talked to the teachers. I took him to the bathroom and we closed the door. He was crying so hard. I'll be honest, I was trying really hard not to cry.  He was so nervous & I could just sense his uneasiness. I remembered exactly how that felt as a kid.
So? We prayed. Right there in the bathroom as we stood by the sink. We prayed for a sense of peace & comfort. We took a deep breath. He cried as we left him in his room and it was so hard for me to leave him like that. He hasn't done that since he was Griffin's age.
In my heart, I knew he would be okay & enjoy himself eventually. He just needed time and we had to give that little push to get him out of the comfort zone of his old class.
We picked him up on Tuesday afternoon and took him to get some frozen yogurt. He was smiling so big and told us about all the people in his new class and what he had done all day. He even said, "I had fun there!"  I know he was scared to be moving away from the classroom he has known since September, but he was brave & I couldn't be more proud of him. Seeing that big smile was reassuring to my mama heart, too.
When did he get so big??


Stephanie said...

How very sweet! I'm glad the change went well for the little guy. And I can't believe how big he is getting. Babies really don't keep, do they?

Beth Ann said...

Bless his heart!!! And yours! I love that your first instinct was to just pray right then and there with him. That is so awesome. Love that so much.

yorks said...

this brings tears to my eyes Laura. You are such a good mommy and he will remember that you prayed way more than the fact that he was upset!!