• Our nice planned out weekly menu? Yeah, I usually stray away about twice a week and we go out instead. Either because I am feeling lazy or I had a kitchen disaster.
  • I am OVER the Olympics. I feel like it is ice skating every single night. The one event I wanted to see was bobsledding & the night I set the DVR for it, it didn't work. I miss my shows.
  • I was never afraid of tornadoes until I had kids. Tornado season in Middle Tennessee is no joke.
  • My car is so dirty it looks like we could be living in it. At any given moment there are at least 4 hidden snack trappers rolling around the back seat & enough crushed up goldfish to feed a small army.
  • I'm pregnant and I still drink coffee & diet coke. I sometimes even eat deli meat. And hot dogs! I live on the edge.
  • I use our bar stools as a drying rack.
  • I dream of a kid-free weekend where I can DO NOTHING & take an ambien at night. I used to dream of tropical vacations. I don't need that anymore. Just give me sleep.
  • Our bedroom has become the graveyard for discarded toys. It looks like a bomb went off in there usually & since we are the only ones ever in there, it is always last (see also: NEVER) on my list to clean.
  • Getting the mail is one of my favorite things to do. However, I am horrible about actually opening said mail. (unless it is a fun package)
Happy Friday, friends! 


Dawn said...

These all sound like things I would confess! :) They are true at our house too! :)

Elizabeth said...

FYI you can eat any Newk's sandwich while preggers...I asked :)
I also still drink 1 diet coke a day...i need a little pick me up

SnoopyMeg said...

I drink one cup of coffee a day and don't feel bad at all! I do limit my soda to once a week as a treat! My bedroom is the same way! Weekly menu plan.....yea, I don't even have one so you are miles ahead of me! Lunch meat and hot dogs....on the reg, girl!

Courtney said...

We're soul sisters.

We end up ordering it/going out/or having "leftovers" or breakfast for dinner at least 2-3x a week because I'm lazy/forgot to thaw meat/forgot to get one specific ingredient/planned poorly

I live in Joplin, MO. Yeah, tornados are no joke.

When I was pregnant? yeah, I don't even want to confess to the crap I ate the entire time. You're good.

Our bedroom is AWFUL. It could be so pretty and nice. Instead there are dirty clothes and unmade beds and other random junk all strewn about. All the time.

Beth Ann said...

I could have written this myself. ;) (I'm not pregnant, but did the same when I was...haha.)