I have been wanting to blog but feel like I have nothing to write about! All of our days have been running together this winter. We have been trapped inside for way too long. Hope y'all don't mind a brain dump!
-I had my Kelly's Kids sample kit at our house over the last week and it had me itching for warm weather. Seeing all those cute summer outfits was such a tease! I have a bunch of clothes left for me to buy at discount & it's killing me to not know what Baby #3 is! Can't wait to order some matching sibling outfits. I know Ben is just as thrilled about that as me;) Speaking of Baby #3, we find out the gender March 27th. Yay!
-We decided this weekend that we are going to Disney World in early May. We will have to plan things really quickly, but I am looking forward to taking a trip with my boys. I'm happy we decided to go before this baby is here. It will likely be our last big trip before we are a family of 5! I think they are at such a fun age right now--I know it will be a blast! That being said, we are Disney beginners. We haven't been since we were little. Any seasoned Disney travelers care to share advice??
-I registered BOTH of the boys for preschool last week. I can't even believe that my sweet baby Griff will be at school in the fall. He seems so little still but he will actually be older than G was when he started! They will start in September about 3 weeks after the new baby is born...I'm sure they will be so ready to escape from this house!
-The one good thing that has happened this winter is that the boys have really been forced to play with each other. I'll admit, the constant messy house makes me want to pull my hair out. However, the sound of them chasing each other & giggling is the best sound. They've started playing their own version of hide & seek and it is so funny. Griffin always hides behind curtains. Grayson always runs to find Griffin instead of hiding. They make me laugh!
-I have said before & I will say it again: TODDLERS ARE SO WEIRD. Right now Grayson has this strange obsession with white t-shirts and basketball shorts. That doesn't seem like a big deal, except for the fact that it hasn't been above 35 degrees in months!! G loves the big kids on our street and they wear basketball shorts even when it is snowing. Obviously, he thinks he should do the same.
This is G's standard uniform. I miss smocked t-shirts and gingham pants. 


[dianegatorfan] said...

Ooh, can't wait until March 27th! I find out next week and that Bella Bliss clothing sale came a week too soon! And you need to go check out Erin at Blue Eyed Bride - she just got back from Disney with her boys!

Andie said...

We are going to Disney in early may too! Message me on facebook so we can figure out if we will be there at the same time! What resort are y'all staying at?

I can't wait to see if you have another little boy in there! :)

emily said...

I received a KK's catalog in the mail a month or so ago and cannot wait to purchase a few pieces for my boys.

I'm sure your boys will have a blast in Disney. so fun!