Flashback Friday

I love flashback Friday! I love anything that gives me an excuse to look at all my old pictures...and trust me, I have thousands.

I am taking you back to my junior & senior years of HS. Seems like forever ago..

Junior Year Prom...love my pink dress. I can't let go of it. It still hangs in the closet at my parent's house. And I really can't deal with the fact that the guys look like babies in this picture!!
This is one of my favorites of Carl & I...it pretty much explains our friendship.
Mexico mission trip in high school...I long to go back to Matamoros and see the little babies I fell in lov with there. Such an awesome trip! We were actually on the border here...not supposed to be taking pictures:)

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Unknown said...

love all the old pictures :-) especially since I know everyone - so fun!