Memorial Day & others...

Memorial Day weekend was spent in Atlanta. Carly came in town for her sister's high school graduation (which officially makes me OLD) so I had to go see her!! We went to a cookout on Saturday in Vinings & had Allie's grad party on Sunday. Kids I once babysat were there & had also graduated! Crazy!

me, Blair, Carl, & Lauren
It was so fun to hang out with the girls again. I really don't like how everyone is spread out everywhere! Blair is also moving to L.A at the end of the summer. California keeps stealing my friends...so Lauren, you can't leave me!! :)

Ellie May. Her tongue is black & pink. I think that is my favorite part of her!

This is Hudson's personality captured perfectly in a picture. Ha!

All of my little pups on the carpet, chewing away. Small, medium, large.

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