Flashback Friday

I'm going back to my favorite year of high school...senior year! These pictures are all from 2002-2003.
The annual 4th of July bash at one of the country clubs. They always had amazing fireworks!
This was the day before all of my friends left for college. If I zoomed in, we would all have red eyes and dried tears on our cheeks...haha. I have seriously never seen so many people cry in one room! Some of my best friends in this picture are still my best friends:)
Best. Picture. EVER. Meet Kemble & Phil. This is what they wore to one of our cookouts. They were the grillmasters. Only thing not pictured: their AMAZING jorts.
We went to Steak n' Shake atleast 4 nights a week. We knew the waiters...our favorite was "JOSH!" (written like that on his tag...screaming his name at you.)
Senior Prom with Filipe...who is now married to one of my best friends, Al:)
This was at a very not safe drive-in movie theater in a icky part of downtown Atlanta. Hotlanta, if you will. Carl & Dru crack me up in the background. They would go on to convince many people at UGA that they were twins...

LOVE these girls!!!
I am very lucky to have a super close-knit group of friends from high school that still keep in touch. I think I may continue this next Friday....stay tuned!

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