Flashback Friday

I copied this idea from a fellow LHS c/o '03er and I love it! When I get bored I love going through all my old pictures. I have TONS of pictures...it is a bit ridiculous.

The first one is senior formal in January of 2003. I love this picture because a) I look super mellow; b) I am very tan for January; and c) my bestie CARL looks superb....and by superb I may mean slightly possessed staring at the camera. :)
This one is when I was in kindergarten. We had just gotten my beloved sister, Maggie May Moore. I absolutely LOVED this dog. She wore my baby doll clothes, sat on the front porch swing with me, walked in my baby strollers, and did just about anything else I wanted her too. Look how cute she was!!

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Kristy said...

Look at you, so cute! Even an animal freak back in the day...reminds me of a certain First grader in Scary's class. :o)