Justin Bobby & America's Bday

Let me introduce you to Justin Bobby:
He sure is a character, isn't he?! Mary and I recently took a little roadtrip to Fayetteville, TN. We stopped at a gas station to get candy (of course) and saw Mary's favorite game: the claw machine. Trapped inside the claw machine was Justin Bobby and we actually caught him!! He is now going to be our "Flat Stanley" and go wherever we go.
He loved the fried chicken on the 4th!
He also enjoyed the view from Ben's shoulder..

We love JB! He is just so cute!

Last night we went to Crockett Park to enjoy some yummy fried chicken and fireworks.

The fireworks had to start early because it was about to storm...but they were still great! I LOVE fireworks:)

Happy Birthday USA! Hope everyone had a fun fourth of July!

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jeannie said...

Is Justin Bobby any relation to Ricky Bobby????