One year ago today...

I was getting married!
Please excuse the fact that these are out of order...I wish I could move them around!
Ben & I had SO much fun on our wedding day! It is seriously so awesome to have ALL of your friends from high school & college and ALL of your family in one big room together. We really didn't want to leave...I could have "wedding'd it up" all night. Everything about our day was perfect...not one single problem. (Except for our limo--but Lauren was fantastic chauffeur!)
Here we are being whisked away in L-Ho's Accord...such a fun trip downtown! :)
This picture is fun to look at...I like checking out everyone in the background!
Oh Carl.

My beautiful bridesmaids!
Our first dance...please look at William in the background. Funniest picture of the night. He wanted to dance with us so bad!

Our wedding party in front of Primrose--so pretty!
After 3 1/2 years together...finally married!!

Thanks Claire! If you ever need a photographer & you live in the Dallas area...she's your girl:)

It is hard to believe our first year is already over. It has been a VERY exciting year for us. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the next year:)
But for now, we are off to our honeymoon part deux! Jamaica here we come!!

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