A Week at the Beach

We spent all of last week in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I've been going there since I was 4 years old & it was nice to be back! Although, the 13 hour drive with 2 littles was way too long.  We were there with my parents but we each had our own condo. It was perfect--we were right on the beach, the kids could spread all their toys all over, but we could still escape to a clean condo 2 floors up. :) Perfect!

If you recall, our first beach trip when G was a baby was an absolute nightmare. He HATED it and screamed the whole week. We actually came home early. I was so worried that Griffin would be the same way. The verdict?
He LOVED it!!! Griffin is our fearless one and would crawl in the sand, towards the ocean, with waves crashing towards him...all while laughing. It was great!
Grayson loved it too! He dug in the sand all week and swam in the pool. He worked so hard shoveling & pushing his giant dump truck. Btw, how awesome are his sunglasses?!

I'll let the rest of these pictures do the talking. I took a ton! Sorry in advance:)

It's nice to be back home, but we really did have a great week! It was so fun being at the beach with two little beach bums. I remember being at this same place as a little girl & dreaming of the day I could bring MY kids to the beach and play. So surreal! 

Back to reality!


A Wedding Story said...

Looks like such a fun vacation! And I can relate b/c Avery screamed the whole week during our last beach vacation. It was awful!

You look great!

Elizabeth said...

Looks like y'all had a great beach vacation! So glad both of your littles enjoyed playing in the sand!

Stephanie said...

Loos like everyone had a great time and I love that ya'll look so tan!

Jen Watts said...

Jealous of your tan!! And your snoozing baby in a tent!!