all the single ladies!

Today over at Kelly's Korner she is doing a bloghop trying to set up single friends! Well, ladies & gents, I want to introduce you to one of my favorite people ever, Mary! Isn't she beautiful?? Yes, yes she is.
Mary is 44 & lives in the Nashville area. I am a lucky gal because I get to see her smiling face every day at work! We teach 1st grade together and she makes my days a little more fun:) Mary is the mama to 2 teenagers and a cute little pup! She is an avid runner, work out fiend, and is currently studying to be a dietician! ...and the lucky man of her dreams will be happy to know that she is an AMAZING baker!! Seriously, it's her thing. She's fun, can always make you laugh, and one of the most selfless people I know.

This gal is wonderful & deserves someone who is equally as fabulous. If you know someone who you think might be interested in getting to know Mary, leave me a comment!



Okay, I might have a great guy for Mary. He is not on my post, but I live in Nashville...so I will be in touch!! XO KJ

Anonymous said...

Please allow me to add to Laura's words about our gal-pal, Mary...
I have known Mary for (not to give away our ages) more than twenty years and she remains, to this day, my greatest friend.
If Mary were not a first grade teacher and her work place populated with primarily females, there would be NO WAY this incredible woman would be single. I always tell Mary that if she worked in downtown Nashville, in NYC, in LA, she would meet the man of her dreams (and he his) riding the elevator in a large office building.
Ok, so the real stuff -
Mary is silly, she loves intellectual banter and digs funny guys. She exercises religiously (she is one of those freaks that LOVES it), is crazy about the movies, but loves God and her children above all else. She is smart, a house-keeping nut, and devoted to family and friends. She hates her hair (go figure!).
I leave out the beautiful because her photos speak for themself (imagine hanging with her and being the 'ugly' friend!?), and really, she is prettier than even that. She is the person all females should hate because of her incredible genetic makeup, but everyone adores because she is approachable, endearing and warm.
She needs a nice man in her life, like a forever man, she is well over the dating a man for a while and it not amount to a life time commitment. I say this as the person who knows the right man is out there, she has just not met him yet.
This man could be anywhere from very late 30s to very early 50s, from Nashville, or not (BIG bonus if he is from LA and has Oscars tickets!?), kids are a bonus and sense of humor mandatory.
Some may be saying that this sounds so exaggerated and cannot possibly be true, but I promise, Mary is really almost too good to be true, but she's IT, the real thing -
Don't you know someone that might fit the bill?

Miss T said...

I'm passing on Mary's info to my Really Great Guy in MS. I can't wait for him to see this beautiful girl. Thanks for posting!

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