what i'm loving right now.

  • the fact that our snow is almost all the way melted. I am getting sick of the snow & am longing for the days of sunshine, outside recess, sunglasses, and the pool!
  • eBay. I am obsessed. This is a recent discovery for me (thanks auntie June...although I'm sure Ben is not so thankful) and I am LOVING finding tons of boutique brands of baby clothing for great prices. I'm actually not being too bad. Remember I have a weekly allowance that I can't go over! :) All I have to say is that G will be one handsome boy this summer in his jon jons & bubbles!
  • the Keurig in our lounge at school. ohmygoodness it makes the best coffee ever!! It makes going to work a bit easier. If only I had one at home...
  • my students always surprise me with little things for Grayson. He got a new pair of baby slippers this week from one of my cute boys. G is like our little 1st grade mascot. :)
  • a sleeping baby. a sleeping baby who is in his crib. a sleeping baby who is in his crib sleeping all night long again! *insert happy dance*
  • the last of the Three Muskateers, Leener, got engaged this past week!!! Woohoo!!!
  • Catching up with friends. It is so hard to keep in touch with everyone when you are all spread out across the country. Having a baby makes it even harder. I promise I am working on balancing this aspect of my life. But, I do love my friends and catching up with them really makes me happy!
  • Our new video camera!!
  • Grayson laughing at the dogs. They are pretty funny.
  • The Lose It! app on my iPhone. Tracks calories, exercise, and how much weight you are losing. I just joined the Biggest Loser at school and I REFUSE to pay because I gained weight. It won't happen. This app will help me.
  • Angry Birds. I'm obsessed.
Happy Saturday!

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DenimJunkie said...

We are on our 3rd Keurig! LOVE it!