4 months

Grayson is 4 months old today! How did that happen?? This was my favorite sock monkey photoshoot so far because he a mover & a shaker and is starting to show SO much personality!Stats:
Weight: 13.3lbs...25th percentile
Length: 25.5 inches....75th percentile -- we have a tall and skinny boy on our hands!!
Clothes: I had to finally pack up all of your 3 month clothing. tear. the pants were starting to look like a flood was coming through. You are now wearing all 6 month clothing! Lengthwise, they fit G perfectly...however, this kid is all skin & bones (definitely didn't get that from his mama!) and the pants are literally falling off his waist! Sing with me now, "pants on the ground, pants on the ground.."
Grayson has become very interested in moving lately. He rolled all by himself this week! Grayson would much rather stand than sit and it is a constant battle to keep his socks on his kicking feet! He is a very active little boy. He is so close to sitting up on his own. He can hold himself up for a few seconds and then will start leaning forward. I know he will love playing with his toys when he can sit without the boppy behind him!

These days everything he touches goes directly in his mouth. Everything. Grayson loves to grab, hold, and chew on his toys. Right now his favorite thing is Sophie the Giraffe. Best. Teether. Ever. Downside: Sophie's squeaker drives the dogs crazy.
{Um, is my baby really standing? What the frack?!}

The past month has been a whirlwind of sleep in our household. On Christmas Eve Grayson slept 12 hours straight--best present ever!!! That lasted for a week. One glorious week. Then Grayson decided that sleep was a terrible thing & boycotted until this week. It was awful. He was up screaming bloody murder almost every hour. These past few weeks I have been taking my birth control religiously...just sayin'! Thankfully (fingers crossed) we have turned a corner and are no longer dealing with the horrible 4 month sleep regression.

Grayson has been loving "school." His teachers are wonderful and they actually have a curriculum set up for the babies which really cracks me up. They tell me that he loves story time & singing...but is always unsure of the art projects. :) Every day when I pick him up he sits in the backseat of the car and just talks away like he is telling about everything that happened that day. Grayson is so chatty! I love it. He also started laughing this month! It is probably the cutest sound ever. He thinks his daddy and the crazy dogs are just hilarious. When the pups bark it cracks him up!

Grayson's personality has really come to life and I love how much energy he has. He is making every day so much fun!

Happy 4 months to my sweet little G!


Anonymous said...
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Elle The Heiress said...

First of all, um, WTF is up with the comment above me?!

Now, onto my real comment: OMG! How is he already four months old?

Amy said...

We had a major 4 month sleep regression with Jackson was that age too! I have NO idea what's up with that, but it was totally not cool.