just another manic monday.

Why are Mondays so rough? I love short weeks. I like beginning my work week on a Tuesday. I haven't worked a full week since September 14th. Um, that's crazy. Thank you, maternity leave, snow, and ice! Looks like my streak will end this week and it was really hard waking up this morning knowing that I will actually have to work 5 days in a row! {gasp!}
I am so stinkin' tired. See that sweet face above? Well, he decided that his day would begin promptly at 4:00....IN THE MORNING. Not even kidding. Wide awake. Happy as a clam. Nobody should be allowed to start their day that early in the morning...not even a cute 4 month old! I should be sleeping, but I am blogging instead. Priorities, people!
We have now entered in to a fun new stage in the world of Grayson...highchairs! Holy cow, I love these things! He has started sitting in them at restaurants and we are using ours at home when we eat dinner. G loves sitting up and being part of the action and I love being able to eat without holding a baby! Look how big he looks--eek!
He has done well in them at restaurants (except for our first attempt at Bricks Cafe where he pitched a royal fit--yep, he was THAT kid) and I can't get over how old he looks. I remember buying the highchair cover thinking it would be forever until we would actually use it. Time is flying by! The boy is also super interested in our food and drinks lately. Check out his face as Ben dips into the Chili's queso--such a tease! Similac will have to do for now. gag.
We are doing the Biggest Loser challenge at school and I am participating. This past week the scale at school said I lost 3.2lbs (yes, I took off my shoes) AND this weekend I had to buy new jeans because I lost a pant size! HOLLA! I am doing the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels and she really kicks my tail. I need another video to switch it up...any suggestions?? It's time to shed this flab!


L.Caroline said...

Found your blog through a friends a love it. Your little one is so cute and I enjoy hearing your funny and frank discussions of motherhood. P90X is a great video workout- I did it for about 30ish days the first time and really saw results! It's definitely intense but works. My fiance and I are about to start it again to get into wedding shape!

Allison said...

To answer your question, about my dogs: They would probably die if I tried to make them go out in this. ha! They go in the bathroom - at least it's an appropriate place, right??!? :)

Elle The Heiress said...

I really enjoy doing Lindsay Brin's workout DVDs! She has them for during and after pregnancy, and she really understands that moms need to make the most of their workout time. You can get them pretty cheaply on Amazon. =)