tuesday tidbits.

-I love that little face in the picture. LOVE it. more than I thought humanly possible.
-I am wearing footie pajamas to work tomorrow. If that is not reason enough to teach first grade, I'm not sure what is.
-I am WAY behind on my dvr shows and it is really stressing me out.
-I can't stand Bachelor Brad. He's a goob and the girls are terrible. I swear if they take one more ride in a helicopter I will scream.
-Having a baby obviously makes everything different. Ever since I had Grayson I feel like I am so much more comfortable in my own skin. I truly don't care if people don't like me & I don't feel the need to stress about it or try to "fix" it.
-Kristy @ I Heart Hicks is bullying me (ha!) in to doing a Valentine's Day blog challenge that starts tomorrow. Feel free to join in on the fun by checking out her blog!


Kristy said...

You didn't link it up-- www.ihearthicks.blogspot.com :o) love you!

Elizabeth said...

Laura...he's so precious! I love that little smile he's giving! :)

Jennifer said...

that IS a precious little face! :)