Operation: Get Fit or Die Tryin'

Well, with bikini (or new mama bathing suit) season only a few months away, I am in full work out mode. I have never been this motivated...I am serious this time about Operation: Get Fit or Die Tryin'!
I don't mean to brag...okay, yes I totally do, but when I went to my OB this past week (no, I'm not pregnant) I was informed that I weigh 11lbs less this February than I did last February! Holla! I also lost 2lbs when I weighed in at school on Friday for the Biggest Loser. I am so excited! This is the first time in a really long time that I have stuck to a plan and seen the results. I've lost 2 pant sizes and I get to wear things from my skinny closet--such a good feeling!
Now if only I could tighten up the belly a little bit. C-section mamas...how in the world do you do this?? I know it will never be the same...but I want the mom pooch to go away! I'm leaving you with my goal: newlywed Loma!


Jen Watts said...

way to go..that's awesome! I've never had good abs and I've resigned hope that I ever will...let me know what works for you!

melissa said...

Wow - that's great! Good for you! I'll be coming to you for your secrets when it's time to take the baby weight off in August.

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you find out how to lose the c-section pooch, let me know! ;) Best of luck - I think you look great. I am dreading bathing suit season just a little bit.