hearts day.

I wanted to show you the picture Ben sent me yesterday of Sir Grumpsalot on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is not his favorite holiday, obviously. But, he is quite the ladies man! :)
I know I'm a day late, but in honor of the hallmark holiday, here are some things that I love:
  • I love watching Ben with his baby boy. He's totally in love with him and is a great dad. I also love watching G smile when his daddy walks through the door after work!
  • I love that I have successfully given up diet coke. I really don't even crave it. I am now back to camel status since I am drinking atleast 2 liters of water a day!
  • I love the way my clothes are fitting AND that I can go over to my "skinny closet" and actually wear some of the pants! It's a miracle!
  • I love Teen Mom 2. It's a trainwreck that I can't look away from. "JENELLLLLLLE!"
  • I love that I can get out the jogging stroller and enjoy our beautiful weather...gotta love the south in the middle of winter!


Jen Watts said...

I'm so admiring you for giving up diet coke!! Awesome!
And your little man looks cute even when grumpy!

Amanda said...

that picture made me laugh. out loud. by myself.