Grayson had his first experience with rice cereal tonight. Why do we call this stuff cereal anyway?? I love me some cereal and this stuff looks/smells nothing like cereal!
Slightly unsure of this weird new stuff at first. He loved the spoon and kept trying to grab it out of Ben's hand. He did much better than I thought with actually keeping the food in his mouth!
My favorite thing was that he was actually going "mmmmmm" after each bite! Ha! ...we will pretend he doesn't make that sound all the time:)
Hungry boy didn't think daddy was moving fast enough. It's okay, G, just dive right in.

Overall, our first experience with solids was a success! It really helped hold him over an extra hour tonight. He goes to bed so early usually (6:15ish) and wakes up even earlier...this morning he was chatting in his crib at 4:45am! yikes. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that he sleeps through the night for 10-11 hours but I would love for him to stay up later and wake up a little bit later. I'm just a tired girl who thinks waking up at 5:00 is unacceptable! Wish us luck! :)


Anonymous said...

He is SO cute! And I don't blame you...5am IS way too early! Eek!

Jen Watts said...

he really looks like he enjoyed his cereal! so glad-sleep well little g so momma can get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Our boys are twins separated by two months! Brantley goes to bed around 6 and gets up at 5:30! I tried getting him to stay up later and he still woke up early. Here's to hoping that day light savings time will push him back an hour!