more snow day fun

We had snow day #7 yesterday! I am SO ready for warm weather but I do love days that I get to hang out with Grayson. We got lucky this time because it was actually Ben's off day, too!

Can I just say for the first time probably EVER Grayson took a 2 1/2 hour nap in his CRIB?! I'm not sure what we did differently but I was so excited! The boy is a chronic 45 minute napper. 45 minute naps=cranky boy. Maybe we have turned a corner in this nap time thing.

Grayson's favorite thing to do is hang around the house with just a diaper on. He immediately gets the biggest grin on his face as soon as you take his clothes off. He sat in our bonus room playing for an hour in just his diaper! Um, and notice the wet belly? Thank you, drool.

G also mastered the art of rolling from tummy to back yesterday! He had done it twice by himself before and could do it if I helped him out a little. However, I guess an extra snow day gave him the umph he needed to officially be a roller!

He chewed on his feet and practiced baby yoga.

This kid is obsessed with bath time and he loves him some bath toys! I mean seriously...look at all his little squirty animals! Chew, chew, chew...

Ben and I took Grayson to Hobby Lobby (one of my fave places) to get some picture frames. I ordered a few big prints from Shutterfly of G and I can't wait to hang them up! They look amazing! I can't wait to share pictures once everything is hung up!

Our school district has 3 snow days left. Bring it on!


melissa said...

He's growing so fast! What a sweet little boy.

Elle The Heiress said...

Mom Tip: be careful with the squirty toys! If you don't clean them out REALLY, REALLY well after bathtime, they can grow mold inside and then it will squirt out the next time you use them. Gross.