dump of the brain.

Now that I am back at work, I feel like I have zero down time. Here is what my weekdays are pretty much looking like:
  • wake up around 5:30am & get myself ready (I shower the night before to save time)
  • Grayson usually wakes up between 6:00-6:15am...change him, feed him, dress him, love on him.
  • make my breakfast, pack my lunch, drop G off at daycare or leave him with Ben until he goes to work
  • school from 7:45-4:00...I'm actually quite productive during my school breaks now since I want to leave the second my car riders are gone!
  • Pick up Grayson at 4:30 and keep him entertained until about 8:00
  • G goes to bed between 8:00-8:30 & then I wash all the bottles, get his things ready for daycare the next day, fold laundry, clean kitchen, shower, and......maybe sit for 30 minutes before bed.
Can I please have 6 more hours added to my day?? I feel rushed to get everything finished all the time. Going back to work has not been as hard as I thought it would. Of course I would much rather be with Grayson all day but I love seeing my friends every day & I am lucky to have a great class this year. That big gummy smile I get every afternoon makes it okay, too:)
I still can't believe it is 2011. I did not make a single resolution this year...but I do have a few goals for myself.
  • stick to our budget & save money. I am back in my couponing groove as of this week. I have also set a weekly grocery budget for myself. I'm going to start writing down how much we spend weekly on food each week so I can hopefully watch that number go down! ...and because I am horrible about going to places (**cough** TARGET **cough**) and spending $60 on who knows what, I have given myself a weekly allowance. Yep, I am 14 again.
  • eat better. Brought out the Weight Watchers cookbook and got some recipes for this week.
  • Get fit or die tryin' .......remember when I was all motivated last year to do this? Oh yeah, and like 2 weeks later I got pregnant. That didn't work out so well for me this time last year. Time to give it a go again! Since it's too cold to power walk with G, I am going to start doing the 30 Day Shred again. Jillian kicks my butt. I really want to get the Wii Zumba too! Now if only I could find a good time to work out...
  • make my own baby food. saves LOTS of money, seems pretty easy, and can typically be more nutritional. I just bought a book for my iPad Nook about making baby food & I am really excited to try in about a month!
....okay, brain dump over! off to do a snow dance.


Jen Watts said...

I definitely need more hours in the day also! I'm glad you are enjoying work, but I'm sure you enjoy your snow days too!! ;)

Elle The Heiress said...

I worked for the first six months of being a mom and while it seemed like I needed more hours in the day, I actually really miss it now. Most people think I'm backwards but I REALLY liked working better than staying home - it was a hell of a lot easier and less tiring.

Overall, though, it sounds like you're settling really nicely into mommyhood! =)

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

I have the same problem with Target...I go in to buy a few things, and end up spending $100. It's a problem!