G's big(ger) boy room

Grayson's new bedroom is finally complete! We have been scouring Craigslist, yard sales, & antique stores for a bookshelf to go in his room & finally found one we love on Saturday! Made for a happy mama. I don't like incomplete projects. 

We decided to make G's new bedroom a room that can transition from toddler to boy.  The nursery was fun for me to plan because I could choose things that I love. But? This new room was more fun. I loved finding things that I knew Grayson would love for his bedroom. If you've read this blog for at least 1 week, you know that his first love is trucks. I'm not big into theme-y rooms but we knew it had to have some trucks! So, here is the old guest room:
Very dark. Blah. Here is G's new bedroom:

We painted the room a light khaki and it brightened it up SO much. I love it! We moved Grayson's crib to this room and it will eventually convert to a toddler bed & then full bed. I wanted to keep him in his same routine as much as possible! I know that he might be okay in a real bed {please note that I say "might" very loosely because make no mistake, G is a wild man}, but I fully believe in keeping toddlers caged for as long as possible. That's right, I said "caged." 
Griffin got to keep the nursery bedding so Grayson needed something new. My friend, Lynsey, came to my rescue when she sold me her son's never-been-used Serena & Lily bumper! I made the monogrammed canvas that is above the bed. It was so easy! Sammy found a new home on G's man chair & those navy blue window panels are from Target. 
We moved the glider in here until he gets in a real bed & are buying a new one for Griffin's nursery. The big brother frame is from my favorite local children's clothing boutique & it was how I told Ben we were having another baby! Still waiting on a picture for that:) The truck lamp is one of G's favorite things in the room. He loves it!
....and there is the new bookshelf! Handmade locally & already distressed. Perfect! We still don't have everything on it; it is a work in progress! The little red bucket on the floor is where we keep our library books. I'm so happy to have a shelf for the rest now! 
Those 4 prints are my favorite thing in the whole room. I got them from an etsy seller & bought the frames from Hobby Lobby. I love them! Best part? They match the big boy PBK bedding he will eventually use!
Those 2 tractors are from Hobby Lobby & the bulldozer is actually an antique Tonka truck that Ben scored on eBay. I've trained him well! Don't worry, we also have an antique Tonka forklift on its way. Grayson is pretty obsessed with his dozer! 
This is on top of his chest of drawers. G's closet is to the left & the bathroom is on the right. Why the small system? Oh, you know, because G requires classical music AND a sound machine while sleeping. This began at 4 months old & worked like a charm so I wouldn't dare take it away now! When we first got the canvas that is hanging, he carried it around the house. No lie. He loves it! 

So, there you have it. My big boy has a new bedroom! I love how it turned out & I love that Grayson enjoys being in there. Now I need to get started on getting the nursery ready...again!

Lamp & canvas -- Target (neither are on the website but here is a similar canvas)
Bookshelf -- Rooster Tails (a local store with AWESOME things...locals, check it out!)
4 truck prints -- this cute etsy shop...she was great to work with & I got the prints super fast!


Savannah said...

I love G's new room! It can definitely grow with him in the future years. My favorite detail? Those adorable truck prints! So cute!

melissa said...

It looks great, Laura! So many cute touches. I bet G loves his new room and all the fun truck details.

Elizabeth said...

Looks great! G is going to love it!

Happiness Is... said...

It's adorable! I am right there with you - cage the toddlers as long as humanely possible! I have a few friends who didn't move their toddlers until closer to 2.5 or 3. I don't believe in rushing that for convenience or otherwise.

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

The room looks great! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the truck pictures! What a cute idea!!!!!!

Can't believe you're gonna have 2 SOON!!!!!!

Oh...and we're still caged at our house too!

Sarah said...

Looks great!!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE IT! We are in the process of figuring out what we want Connor's room to look like. You've given me some good ideas. I just need to see Grayson's room! ;)

Marci said...

Would it be wrong to keep them in cribs until they are 25? I kid, I kid... (well, kind of). G's new room looks great!

Crystal Seed said...

Love G's new room!!! It's SO big boy!!! He's going to love being a big brother!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

it looks great!! and i agree with you on keeping toddlers "caged" as long as possible. i fully intend to keep bg locked up until she can step out of her crib!

Lynsey said...

Looks great! Mason is at a stage where he is obsessed with trucks. Everything is "truck truck truck"!

Jennifer said...

LOVE his room! Especially those prints!

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