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I know I'm probably the last to hop on this bandwagon, but I finally bought a Scentsy warmer a couple of months ago and am obsessed. Amber Road is what is currently in the warmer and it smells so good.  For a while I was only buying the Tyler candles but now I think I'll stick to Scentsy. My favorite part? It can't burn my overly adventurous toddler. Win, win! 

Source: etsy.com via Laura on Pinterest

I bought these monthly stickers for Griffin this week. I got them on Etsy and she does the colors seasonally based on when your baby is born. I love that! They turned out SO cute & I can't wait to see them on Griffin!

Ben & I have started watching Hatfields & McCoys. See? I really have traded in my trashy reality for this stuff. I've lost my mind. This show is addicting but all these people are absolutely insane.  Have you watched this??

The shock collars came in on Tuesday and were worth every single penny. (trust me, they cost a lot of pennies) My house is quiet. Well, except for the screeching child. The furry children though? They are QUIET. 

So I am pretty sure, based on stalking other people's birth/hospital pictures, that I am the only mama that was not allowed to wear my own pajamas after G was born. I had to wear that annoying sheet that they call a robe for 3 days. This time? I am rebelling. I will wear my own things that actually stay on. I need some nursing tanks. I read reviews on the Old Navy ones & were not too wonderful. Any suggestions?

I mentioned yesterday that it is my birthday month. Birthdays are not nearly as fun after your 21st. There is one thing I am looking forward to though:
a double doozie. Not just a regular double doozie, but a double doozie cake! Yep. That's what I'm REALLY excited for. How many more days until June 23rd??


melissa said...

Those monthly stickers are adorable! I love the idea of seasonally appropriate colors.

Yay for quiet pups!

I can't believe the hospital wouldn't let you wear your own PJs. It was such a nice feeling when I finally got a shower and put on my own clothes. It depends on what kind of nursing top you want but I liked a couple I had. I wanted something loose, as opposed to fitted. I liked the cantaloop nursing tanks as well as some cotton nursting tops with an elasticized neckline I got from Motherhood Maternity. I had some fitted maternity tanks from Target but I wasn't a fan of those. I found the lining to be itchy. Hope that helps!

Elizabeth said...

I love the target tanks!
Happy almost birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the monthly stickers. We will be doing those with round #2 (eventually). Now I have to really look at Sutton's pictures to guess how old he was. Oops!

I found nursing tanks at Target and love them. They were comfy, supportive, and were long enough to cover my post-baby belly. Winning! Can't believe Griffin will be here in a few short weeks! So exciting!

Happiness Is... said...

I love those cookies!!! OMG - need one now! I can't believe you couldn't wear your own clothes - that's insane! I don't personally like nursing tanks. I prefer the Medela nursing bras (they are kind of like sports bras, got them at Diapers.com) underneath a soft Banana Republic ribbed tank. Worked well for me.

Lynsey said...

I wore the hospital gown the first night and then I couldn't take it anymore and had to change. It felt so nice to change into your own clothes.

I liked the target tanks a lot!

SnoopyMeg said...

The target nursing tanks are great, mine are still in good shape but I think I will get a few new ones as well. I wore them 24/7. I would however recommend going up a size, they do shrink a bit. I liked full coverage so better safe than sorry!

Stephanie said...

I am so excited for to get Connor his monthly stickers and I LOVE that she does them in colors that coordinate with the months! Right up my OCD alley! And I LOVED Hatfields and McCoys (thanks mostly to the one handsome Kevin Costner).

Savannah said...

I need to jump on the Scentsy bandwagon - glad you are enjoying yours! And that double doozie? Well deserved! I think you should celebrate your birthday all month long! :)

Crystal Seed said...

Hubs and I watched the Hatfields and McCoys when it was on TV. Them people were NUTS!!!! And the new monthly stickers are CUTE!!! Love them!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

that cookie just made my mouth water.

we watched and LOVED Hatfields and McCoys. I could easily watch it again.

Mallorie said...

Love his stickers! So cute! And we have been watching Hatfields and McCoys too and I seriously cannot believe that really happened!!!