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 Griffin has a few monogrammed things but these are his first burp cloths. I love them!! My friend, Margie, got them for baby Griffin. It's so fun seeing his name on things!
 I was switching out my diaper bag for the trusty ol' Michael Kors before I went to Memphis. Guess what was in my purse? My favorite earrings that I thought I lost forever ago. Happy ds. ay!
 G got his 5th haircut recently. That seems crazy. How has he already had 5 haircuts?! This is only the 2nd time I have been happy with the results. I don't like getting his haircut even when he desperately needs it because I swear it ages him by a 2 years! My baby turned into a 4 year old in 5 minutes.
 Newest fun thing to do: throw the ball "up high!"
 Some of the elementary school girls set up a glitter tattoo stand last week. They rang our door bell & asked if G was home (which cracked me up) and then asked if he would like to come to their tattoo stand. Of course he did! G got inked with blue glitter. It's still there. He pitches a fit if I try & scrub it off!
 The other afternoon I was waiting on Grayson to come in the backyard. I kept calling his name & heard nothing. I walked in to the living room to find this sweet face. He was hiding. And obviously by hiding I mean he was standing VERY still against this wall. He cracks me up!
This dog? Oy. He swears he is a human and/or King of our house. He perches on our pillows while we get ready for bed & then gets SO angry when we move him to lay down. Such a prince.
 Remember what happened in February? Um, yeah. This is how it happened. Apparently G has no recollection of running on the couch, falling off, & breaking his arm. The mama does though. He keeps me on my toes!
 Keurig users: please do yourself a favor and go find this coffee immediately. It is SO good! My kitchen smells like an almond joy while it is brewing & it just tastes like a summer cup of coffee. Yum!


Happiness Is... said...

Thatcher likes to hide, too - so funny! But he literally goes under the sink in our bathroom. (There's nothing in it)

I hate that about haircuts and is why I resist as well!

And maybe Griffin will have more monogrammed goodness very, very soon!

lg2006 said...

Loved this post! and Im totally gonna try that coffee!

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