G is 21 months old!

Grayson is 21 months old today! 
The stats:
Weight: 22.6 pounds (I weighed him at the vet last week--haha!)
Height: 33ish inches
Diaper: 4 during the day & 5 at night
Clothes: 12 month shorts; 18m & 24m shirts and jon jons
Shoe: 6
Grayson is learning new words pretty much every day. It is crazy! I was so stressed after his 18 month appointment when the doctor said he really wanted him talking more. Now we can't make him stop talking! Here are his newest words:
Huddle (Hudson)
Eela (Ellie)
Bops (Pops)
BaBa (Poppy)
one, two, three
I love you--my favorite! 
What's been going on:
  • Grayson still LOVES trucks. He wants to read his truck book every night & loves to watch truck videos on YouTube when we are inside. He will bring us the iPad and say "truck! honk honk!" 
  • G is fascinated with everyone's eyes. He loves pointing them out on people and animals! 
  • We just started the transition to sleeping without a sleep sack. We are starting with naps first & so far, so good! I'm trying to prepare him for MDO in the fall when he will be sleeping on a nap mat with a blanket. 
  • Grayson is finally starting to branch out more with food. He loves pizza & has been eating a bigger variety of fresh fruit. His favorites right now are peaches and strawberries. Still no veggies, but we will get there eventually! 
  • G would spend the entire day outside if I let him. We spend hours in the front or backyard every single day. He loves playing with his football or basketball, go down his slide, play with his trucks in the sand, splash in the water table, or push his mower. He likes going to the pool but doesn't like being all the way in the water. He prefers hanging out in the baby pool! 
  • We've been going to toddler story time at the library every week & he has gotten better about sitting still and listening. His favorite part of story time is the the shakers at the end. The boy loves music! 
I feel like Grayson is such a big boy now. He can communicate so much better now & tells us what he wants/doesn't want! It's hard to believe how close he is to turning 2 AND how close he is to being a big brother! I am getting really sentimental now that his "only child" time is coming to an end...I am soaking up all the Grayson time I can! 

Happy 21 months, G! 

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