make new friends {a blog commenting challenge}

I never participate in blog challenges but I thought Jenna's sounded fun! 

 I've been wanting to spice up my Google reader for a while now & this sounds like a fun way to find new reads! 

Todays Topic {okay, I'm a day late to starting, so technically this was the topic yesterday}:

Tell us about YOU! What's your name? Where do you live? Who lives with you? Do you work outside the home? Have kids? Pets? (Psst! Don't spill the beans about your blog or hobbies quite yet!).
Hey y'all! I'm Laura. I'm an Atlanta raised, Mississippi educated girl living outside of Nashville! I'm the 27 year old wife to Ben & a stay at home mama. Ben & I met in college at Ole Miss (hotty toddy!) & have been married since July 19, 2008. He's my best friend! 
Grayson is our little blonde-headed bundle of energy. He will be 2 in September & is a busy boy! In my former life I was a first grade teacher, but, for now I am staying home with G. He is ALL boy and loves trucks, trains, animals, and dirt. 
I'm also currently pregnant with our 2nd baby boy, Griffin! VERY pregnant...as in, Griffin will be here in less than 5 weeks! Our boys will be 22 months apart & I can't wait to be a "boy mom!"
 As if life weren't crazy enough, we also have THREE dogs. These were our first babies & they are all spoiled rotten! Jack, the eldest, is my chihuahua from the early college years & thinks he rules the house. Hudson was a stray that we rescued our senior year at Ole Miss & is pretty much the sweetest dog ever. Ellie was an unplanned rescue from PetSmart & is our wild child.
That about sums me up in a blog post! Thanks for stopping by!


Jenna Buettemeyer said...

Stopping by from Jenna's blog! My little boy will be two in September also and also LOVES trucks!!

Marci said...

The link "Jenna" at the top is to an old blog about Africa... is that correct? Or am I missing something...?

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing this link-up! And I am exciting to learn more about you :) (in the most non-creepy way possible).

Jan said...

What a sweet family.

Brittany said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! you have a beautiful family. congrats on your little boy! he will be here soon... how exciting!! I LOVE babies :) I replied to your comment about being from Atlanta on my blog.. just wondering what part you were from (since i lived in the suburbs too :)

Brittany said...

also.. sorry i am being totally annoying now :) but i just noticed that you follow the smitten mintons! i went to school with Julie (middle school and high school :) so if you know her from atlanta we may have known each other too :)

Jenna said...

Thanks again for stopping by my blog. It sounds like we have a lot in common! I definitely look forward to learning more about you... and I can't wait for our kiddos to arrive!!

Rachel said...

Hi! Just popping in from Jenna's Journey! In the top pick you look at lot like Jenna from Jenna's Journey, I had to do a double take!


kimmie said...

Hi!! Stopping by from Jenna's!! Grayson is too cute and Yay for being a Boy MOM!!! My boys are almost 2 years apart and it is just great...i love every second!!

Amy said...

I read this post and thought it sounded fun, so I joined too!

Jenna said...

I heard that we look alike so I had to stop by! Haha! We do! Your little man is so cute! Thanks so much for joining in on the challenge!

Tiffany @ The Harris Life said...

Came from Jenna's- love the blog! We are about to be moving back to TN soon and are excited about it. We went to MS State, but we can still be blog friends anyway- HA! :)
-Tiffany www.theharrislife.com

Jennifer said...

Love your blog! I'm a fellow Tennesseean. I love finding blogs of other people living in TN. ;o) I'm a middle TN native, implanted to the midwest for almost four years and then now back down south. We live in East TN where everything is ORANGE. ;o) I'm following your blog now. Found you via Jenna's Journey. Good luck with the second baby on the way! =) Your first born is adorable!

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