• I believe that "nesting" has officially kicked in. Last time I was about 8 months pregnant, I decided it would be a great time to paint & redecorate our guest bedroom. Well, this past weekend I decided that we would finally hang things that have been leaning against walls for, well, a really long time. Our computer room finally has a CUTE Ballard mirror and painting..you know, over 3 years after we moved in. The computer room is this pregnancy's guest room. I am ready for it to be complete & actually look like a real room. 
I have been scouring Craigslist daily for a table/chairs set like this to put in the computer room. I mean, G needs a place to make his masterpieces "pieces" & play with his gazillions of stickers.
  • I went to Goodwill yesterday in search of a table & chairs set and found this beauty instead! ....for $19.99! I mean, really, that's the best deal ever. We've been wanting a kitchen for Grayson and were originally thinking about getting one right before Griffin got here. BUT, I couldn't pass this up! 
  • I am pretty sure we may have the greatest neighbors ever. Seriously. We got so lucky! Leslianna & Andy threw us a little diaper/prayer party for Griffin on Sunday with lots of our sweet friends from church. It was so fun! We were spoiled rotten with tons of diapers & it was so special having people we love pray for our baby boy. 
I think we are set for a long time!
  • Grayson is still obsessed with the new stroller. At any given moment, if it's very quiet, this is what he will be doing:
  • I ordered Griffin's monthly stickers this week. Now that I'm buying things just for Griffin, it suddenly seems real. I can't believe we will have a new baby in this house at the end of next month. I can't wait to see this sweet boy!
  • I can't get over all of the new words that Grayson is saying. He is such a little parrot! We are watching my friend's little dog Millie right now and he can't stop talking about "Milla." I heard him on the monitor this morning shouting, "Milla! Milla! Milla! Jack! Milla!" ha!


Happiness Is... said...

Which stroller did you settle on?

July will be here before you know it!

Melissa said...

I love the goodwill find and I can't believe how big G is getting!

Mallorie said...

Love your kitchen find! Also, I have decided that I'm in a constant nesting state. Even after EC's arrival lol! I think I was worse once she got here! It doesn't help that I moved at 7mo pregnant so I got my fill of cleaning/organizing/decorating!

Cannot believe he will be here so soon!!!

Shannon Dew said...

We have that table and chair set in the pastel and its probably one of KPs favorite things! She'll line the chairs up and move them all around the playroom. But HOLLER at the deal on the kitchen! I really need to start looking at our Goodwill more often!

Crystal Seed said...

That kitchen is AWESOME!!!! When we get our new house I think I want to get a table and chairs set for Chloe...hmm...I like those!

Anonymous said...

I want a little table like that for Ethan! I just don't know where we'd put it. We have so little room so as it is (hence the FOR SALE sign on our lawn). I want him to have his little "space."

NEXT MONTH, ZOMG. :D So excited for you!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Awe that is such a good find! I am sure that he is loving it to the max..& those table & chairs look so adorable & i am loving that two seater stroller which to you all will be much needed for the boys!

Savannah said...

That kitchen is a steal! Your friends are very sweet to gift you with so many diapers for Baby G. He is going to arrive so soon!