34 weeks with Griffin

*How far along?: 34 weeks
*How big is your baby?: a pineapple. Basically, he's big. and heavy. 
*Total weight gain?: 20 pounds 
*Sex: boy!
*Maternity clothes: bah humbug. I'm so sick of my wardrobe! I am dreaming of cute clothes that {maybe} I can wear again in August!
*Stretch marks: not yet & crossing my fingers it stays that way!
 *Movement: I feel like this week Griffin has morphed into a River Dancer and my bladder is his stage. I feel him almost constantly. I don't know if he is head down or what, but there is something up near my ribcage that pokes through & something that is attacking my bladder. The boy is strong.
*Sleep: I'm uncomfortable at night because it is so dang hot here AND as soon as I lay down it feels like an elephant is sitting on my lungs. Also? Bathroom breaks about 3 times a night. 
*Symptoms: nothing new...hallelujah! 
*Best moment this week: Bought a few baby necessities that Griffin will need & we finally have a small table for G in our computer room! Oh, and I celebrated my birthday:)
*Food cravings: ice cold water and fresh fruit!
*Labor signs: mostly pressure...I feel like he is lower
*Belly button in or out: it's out and proud.
*What I miss: I told Ben last night that I am getting so jealous of people on Instagram posting pictures of their yummy summer drinks...Blue Moon with an orange slice, skinnygirl margs, mojitos. They all sound good!
*What I'm looking forward to: Going to the doctor on Thursday, hearing that sweet heartbeat, and seeing if I can get the complete lowdown on what all will happen on Baby Day! 


Mallorie said...

WOW 34 weeks already!!! I feel like you just announced you were pregnant! Is it going faster with #2 than with #1?

Mallorie said...

Oh PS LOVEEE your new blog layout. Super cute!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Time has flown by.Not much longer now! & just think sweet girl once little Mr Griffin enters this world you can then have your drinks once again ;)

Jenna said...

Lexi is the opposite.... she NEVER moves and it drives me crazy! I don't know which is worse, having a baby that ALWAYS moves or NEVER moves! I'm jealous of yummy summer drinks too! But my hubby has been making me virgin mojitos almost every night and they are sooo yummy! He calls them Jaxitos because he makes them for our son too. 2 oz lime juice, 4 oz simple syrup, muddled mint and top it with club soda. Almost like the real thing!