It is no secret that Grayson loves trucks. He talks about trucks all day long & it will be a sad day in our house when the construction on our street ends.  I was so excited when I found out a few weeks ago that one of our local parks was doing a free Touch-a-Truck event. They were going to have 25 trucks for kids to look at & explore...heaven for G!
Here's the happy boy all ready to go! He had to wear his bulldozer outfit. He kept pointing it out to everyone & telling them about his "truck."
The ladder fire truck? Obsessed. G saw it immediately when we started walking in to the park and said, "whoa! whoa!" He was SO excited! 
I'm glad this was the first truck we saw because it was 91 degrees & this pregnant girl was HOT. I looked pretty rough by the time we left. Grayson was so happy to be able to sit inside of the ladder truck! 
My proud little boy:)
This was the biggest mower I have ever seen. Grayson is also obsessed with lawnmowers and weed eaters right now...this kid pushes his mower all day! We hear the words "mowa" & "eater" on a regular basis. G's eyes got so big when he saw this gigantic mower...it cracked me up! He hopped right on up & didn't want to leave. He loved sitting on the "mowa!"
He hung out in the shovel of a bulldozer. 
"Mama! Truck!"
Grayson started doing his little siren sound as soon as we saw the ambulance. This was our last truck to look at & G made the most of it. He climbed right up onto the stretcher! Don't worry, I made sure to tell him that I hope he never really has to ride in one of those. He thought it was pretty cool, though. 
G had such a great time and I am already excited to do this again! What do you think we did when we got home? You got it...sat in the backyard at his "construction site" and played with trucks. Such a boy!


Savannah said...

What a fun outing! G looks so big in these pictures. He must be ready to fill his big brother role. :)

Happiness Is... said...

That's a really cool event!!

Jonathan, Lindsay, and Brooks said...

how fun! that is really cool! I hear "whoaaa!" everytime we see a truck too :)

Marci said...

What fun! G looks adorable standing in the shovel. :)

Becca said...

I'm glad he had fun! He looks adorable. I remember taking C to touch-a-truck when he was G's age. *tear*

Jen Watts said...

love everything! the trucks, the outfit, g's cute little facial expressions! he's such a doll...and such a boy :)

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