32 weeks with Griffin

*How far along?: 32 weeks -- 8 months!
*How big is your baby?: head of lettuce...about 4 pounds now!
*Total weight gain?: 17 pounds as of my last visit...I go back on Friday & will revisit the dreaded scale!
*Sex: boy!
*Maternity clothes: I have turned into the mom that wears my running shorts (ha! I've never been running!) & either tank tops or Ben's t-shirts every single day. It's almost too hot for clothes, but I think I would offend people if I adopted that motto.
*Stretch marks: not yet & crossing my fingers it stays that way!
 *Movement: Griffin is getting SO strong! I've been able to see the movements for a long time, but now the movement is slowing down and you can see his little body parts moving around. He is still moving the most at night. According to my phone, he has already kind of figured out his sleeping schedule...soooo, that should be fun.
*Sleep: Benadryl helps a little but I am just so uncomfortable that I wake up all night long.  
*Symptoms: y'all, I really can't breathe. I was just telling Ben how terrible it is to feel like I can never fully catch my breath...even when I am just sitting down! It feels like I have a cinder block laying on my lungs 24/7. I'll be happy when that goes away!
*Best moment this week: Grayson's room is COMPLETE! We found an awesome bookshelf yesterday & now everything is in there. I love it!
*Food cravings: water, water, water. I swear the more I drink, the more I want. That's a good thing!
*Labor signs: just some BH contractions
*Belly button in or out: it's out and proud.
*What I miss: on these really hot nights? a Blue Moon. 
*What I'm looking forward to: putting away the baby clothes that are currently being washed. I found ALL of G's precious newborn outfits that he never got to wear. I'm kind of hoping that Griffin will be a teensy bit smaller so that these cute clothes can at least be worn once!


Happiness Is... said...

17 pounds isn't bad at all - I think I read that most women gain 1 pound a week in the 3rd trimester, so that's great!!

Crystal Seed said...

You are doing so good! I gained 50 lbs with Chloe. That was HORRIBLE!!!!! Keep up the good work! You are almost there!!

Mallorie said...

I LOVED watching EC move around. My fav part :-) I cannot wait to see the nursery!!! And I hope he will fit into those newborn outfits you have!

Stephanie said...

AGAIN - you look so adorable!!!

Kristin said...

Just found your blog and I am due with my 2nd baby at the end of July too! Congrats and your son is a cutie!

Katy said...

you look adorable!! Love your cute headband.

Unknown said...


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