Post-Christmas bullets

  • We had a great Christmas! It was so fun seeing it through G's eyes this year. He had a great time! Also? I'm convinced playing Santa is even better than believing in Santa as a kid.
  • It looks like the Little People warehouse exploded in our playroom. Farms, Amusement Parks, Bus, Airplanes, Zoos...you name it, we got it. 
  • The neighbors who ALWAYS park in front of our house? Still doing it. After I left two notes asking nicely for them not to park in front of our house 24/7? Still doing it. Do they still have an empty driveway? Of course. This girl? not happy. 
  •  I'm in the process of de-Christmasing my house. I never take all the decorations down this early. However, the toddler that keeps yanking ornaments off our trees is wearing me out. Those glass ornaments need to be hidden immediately. 
  • Grayson is so overwhelmed with all these new toys. I plan on buying plastic bins today and putting a lot of toys away and bringing out 1 bin a week. Any other tips mamas? I want him to actually play with his toys and enjoy them & not get sick of them. 
  • One of my besties, Kristy, is turning 30 this week. A few of us are throwing her an 80's Prom party this weekend. 1) It was SO hard for me to find a dress! 2) Ben may be more excited than me about the outfits. He has been an eBay fool. I can't wait to show you a picture of my husband circa 1986. 
  • That husband of mine? Well, he is a great gift giver. So much better than me. Mama got a KEURIG! It's my new bff. It's Grayson's new bff too, obviously.
I'll be back tomorrow with a Christmas recap...get ready for LOTS of pictures!


Mallorie said...

SO excited to see pictures!!! :-) And I agree...being Santa is so much fun! I hope those people seriously move their cars!! I mean come on!!! As for the toys, I think that's a great idea!!! I'll be doing that next year I'm sure!

Melissa said...

I'm glad you guys had a great Christmas! We had a neighbor that did that to us too, and my husbands boss told us that we could have them towed but neither of us wanted to do that so we asked them to move a few times and thankfully after the 2nd time...they quit parking there. Good luck to you!!

Jen Watts said...

seriously? those neighbors have to be complete idiots!!

yay for the keurig-I swear its the best :)

I can't wait to see pictures of y'all in 80s gear! what about g? is he dressing up?

Catherine/The Anderson Family said...

Your neighbors suck! I can't wait to hear about the party...and see the pictures!