deck the halls!

Well, it was a lot harder this year, but our house is finally decorated..inside & out! I started getting things out before Thanksgiving and finished on Friday. Ha! Here are some pictures of our house all prettied up for the holidays:)
This is the newest tree in our house! I have been collecting gold & bronze ornaments from post-Christmas sales for 2 years! I finally bought a new tree for our dining room this year and I love how it turned out. I think these colors are so pretty!

I finally found a lantern at Hobby Lobby for 50% off...holla! This is our dining room. I still have to put out the place settings but I am so happy to finally have a lantern to put ornaments in!

I loved having a buffet to decorate this year! That is a MudPie platter, a DIY wreath, wreath holder from Zulily, & painted wine bottles. You know I have plenty of those lying around!
Our red & silver tree in the front of our house & my first attempt at deco mesh. meh. Harder than it looks.

This may be my favorite thing I've added this year. Usually I put all of our Christmas cards in a sleigh basket on our bar. I saw this on Pinterest & loved it! We've added lots of new cards & I love being able to see them. I just taped the back of the ribbon to the glass doors; easy, easy!
Okay, I also love the new Little People nativity set. It is SO cute! Sadly, it has to be kept up high because a certain dog *cough HUDSON cough* already ate the arm of a wiseman. 
Our slanted ladder shelf with the Santa pictures. Yep, I framed the screaming one.
Our mantle. I've had a few questions about the dog stockings...I bought them from Ballard on clearance after Christmas 2 years ago. I don't know if they still have these, but they make a lot of cute ones! I'm not sure what we will do when we add more kids to the family...there is no more room for stockings! ha!
This is the entry table in the foyer. I used my sleigh this year to hold some pinecones. I spraypainted pinecones gold for the fall & then repainted a few of them red to add in. I already had pinecones & spray paint...love a free project!
We always get a real tree for the family room. I love the way a real tree smells & the tradition of going the first week of December to pick it out.

I'm so glad to be finished with the decorating. Is it bad that I want to keep everything out for a few months?? I love Christmas!


Aliya said...

love love LOVE your Christmas card holder!!! So cute... gotta love Pinterest :)

Alyssa said...

Cute! I had to laugh about the nativity scene! Apparently, dogs are into them. My grandparents set up a big nativity scene in their yard each year, and we always have to laugh about the time a dog ran away with baby Jesus! Now, Jesus is securely wired into the manger!

Catherine/The Anderson Family said...

I love all of the decorations! Great job on the wreath and card holder too!

Savannah said...

I love all of your decorations!!! So many cute ideas and I think your deco mesh tree looks great. :)