So What! Wednesday

I am very thankful that it is Wednesday. That means we only have 4 more sleeps until Christmas!! I'm pretty sure Christmas this year will be the best yet...I can't wait to see G's face when he comes downstairs in the morning! I got in trouble by some friends for not participating in So What! Wednesday last week so I had to make sure I got with the program this week. This week I am saying SO WHAT if...

  • our stockings are already full of goodies?? This is the one time when we can get away with it without Grayson noticing...I had to mark one thing off my list!
  • Those stockings include our dogs? Of course they have presents and of course I made a special Petsmart trip just for them!
  • I watch Teen Mom 2?? I never said I agree with anything on the show...it's just for entertainment purposes.
  • I laugh at all the dumb breastfeeding vs. formula battles AND football arguments on twitter? I simply laugh so I don't pull my hair out. Who cares how you feed your baby as long as he/she is FED?!
  • I told a man at the store today that G was saying "hiiiii" to him (repeatedly) so that he would actually speak back? It's hurts his little feelings when people ignore him and don't say hi!
  • I feel like I have been losing my mind this week? (read: peanut butter in fridge; milk in pantry) G has been waking up at FIVE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING coughing his head off and I am so sleepy.
  • my child sat in timeout before 7am yesterday morning? These terrible ones tantrums are ROUGH.
That's all, folks. We are off to get the crazy toddler ragamuffin a haircut! Go link up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!

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Mallorie said...

I used to say "hi" to everyone when I was little! I love that this year we've been able to shop for Emma Claire..with her! ha! I bet we won't be able to get away with that next year ;-) I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!!!