Oh What Fun It Is...To Make Memories!

'Tis the season to link up, right?! Well, today I am linking up with AP over at I Love You More Than Carrots (one of my faves...have you seen how cute her kid AND her dog are?!) to talk about our Christmas traditions!

I go to a womens bible study every other Wednesday morning. It is geared specifically towards being a wife & mama. One of the things people have talked about as we get closer to Christmas is how much fun it is to start your own traditions with your own little family. I couldn't agree more! Christmas was always really special for me when I was younger. We had special traditions for when we stayed home in Georgia & we also had special traditions when we spent Christmas at my Nana's in Louisiana.

Ben & I will never really get to travel much for the holidays because sometimes he will work & the times he has off, he just has the actual holiday off. One thing I want to make sure to do is to always make Christmas feel special at our house; even if it's just us. Grayson is too young to understand Christmas and traditions, but Ben & I have already talked about some things we want to do.

  • I want to make sure that Jesus is always the center of Christmas. Yes, we will do Santa. But, I want our kids to know the real reason behind Christmas. One tradition I hope to always do is go to our Christmas Eve service at church. When I was younger, we always went to the candlelight service & it was my favorite part of Christmas Eve. I think it is so important to hear the message of Christmas & to remember Jesus' birth.
  • I love the idea of wrapping 25 Christmas books as a way to count down! I will be collecting books throughout the year so that G can open a book a day next December. I think that is so fun!
  • Ben and I have also talked a lot about teaching our kids about giving. There are so many people, just miles away from us, that go to bed hungry. That amazes me. Every Christmas we have found ways to give. Whether it is a local food pantry, a can collection at school, or helping a ministry at our church that supports homeless men...we want to give back to people in need. I want our kids to look forward to helping a family/other kids in need every year.
  • I would love to start baking cookies with Grayson to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. He already loves to help & get messy, so surely he would love that! I loved leaving cookies & milk out for Santa and then checking for crumbs on Christmas morning!
  • I'm kind of sad that G is still too little for Elf on the Shelf. We have our little elf but I won't bring him out until next year. I can't wait to see what name Grayson picks out for our family elf! There are SO many cute ideas of what to do with your elf on pinterest....this may be more fun for mama! ;)
I'm so excited to start some new family traditions next year as G gets a little older. I want him to look back at his childhood and remember Christmas as a magical time, just like I do!

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?


Savannah said...

These are great traditions! I also love the opening family pjs on Christmas Eve to wear on Christmas morning.

Lynsey said...

I can't wait until the boys are old enough for Elf on the Shelf! We host a Christmas Dinner every year for my family the week before Christmas. It's such a fun time for family and fellowship. I love all your traditions.

Amanda T said...

Love all of these traditions. :) Our elf is definitely my favorite new tradition this year, I'm not sure whos having more fun with it.. Me or Kaylee. lol.

Ashley Paige said...

i love all of the traditions you've written about! it's so difficult to find ways when the boys are this young to teach them the reason behind the season but i look forward to the challenge in the coming years! i love the idea of being able to start fresh, new traditions with our own little family! thanks so much for linking up!

Elizabeth said...

Totally agree with trying to teach about giving and Jesus instead of all about Santa. I am totally doing the book thing next year!!!

Marci said...

These are awesome! I'd like to copy and paste it to my "Christmas traditions I'd like do to" list... only I haven't made one yet! We have thought about a few we'd like to do...such as setting out shoes the night before so Santa knows where to put whose gifts. That is a tradition my parents used to do with my brother, sister, and I, and we started it last year with Landon. I need to sit down with my hubster and talk about this some more!

Catherine/The Anderson Family said...

Love this! We always open Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve. My sisters, Carlyn and I all get matching ones. Scott and my brother-in-law getting matching pajama pants. Reed and Ashton get coordinating ones! We go to the Christmas Eve candlelight service at church. I love it!