picture dump

I've taken about 400 pictures since November & am too lazy to compile lots of different posts. You, my friends, are about to get a picture dump! Here is what we've been up to recently...
 Grayson LOVES to carry his baseball & footballs around. Right now, those are his favorite toys. Such a little athlete!
 The weekend before Thanksgiving we had 2 birthday parties to attend. Gray is our next door neighbor & one of G's best friends! She turned 2 and had a Minnie Mouse party. These 2 are so funny together. They love racing down the hall together. They came over to hang out a week ago & Gray wore Grayson out....he slept until 7:30 the next morning! I told her mama, Leslianna, that we need to hang out every single night-ha!
This is the other birthday girl, Ruby Jane. Ruby is so cute and I am kind of obsessed with the fact that she has on skinny jeans. I've said it once, I'll say it a million times...we are in BIG trouble if we ever have a girl!
We started our Thanksgiving week off by going to Atlanta for a couple of days. My grandparents, uncles, aunts, & cousins came over for dinner the night we got there. My cousin, Blakely, has 2 boys (3, 16 months, AND is pregnant with #3) and G had a blast playing with them! Grayson pushed Ashton & Collin around on his firetruck all night...good exercise! :)
 Here are the 3 cousins together...next year there will be 4 boys! Collin (16 months), Ashton (3), & G.
Grayson loves anything he can ride on or push. The firetruck does both...double win! He thought it was so fun to push it to the top of my parents driveway and have somebody push him to the bottom...it was like a mini rollercoaster!
While we were in Alabama, we took a trip to the river. This is my favorite spot in Florence. I couldn't wait to take Grayson to play there! This was his expression when he saw all the boats in the water. He loved it!
Perhaps my favorite:) We have been on the hunt for rain boots & snow boots. Both which were nearly impossible to find in a size small enough for G. However, we went to Academy Sports and found cowboy rain boots and I had to have them. They are so funny! Grayson loves them but has the hardest time walking in them. It's pretty funny!


Melissa said...

Haha! This last picture cracks me up! I am dying for some baby rain boots for Izzy, but I'm afraid she won't know how to walk in them, but this picture of Grayson makes me want to get them anyways:)

Mallorie said...

oh my word LOVE the boots!!! TOO CUTE!