Christmas 2011 (aka: a picture dump)

We spent Christmas at home with both of our families. Everyone came up the afternoon of Christmas Eve & Grayson was spoiled rotten with attention! Ben had to work on Christmas Eve until 6:00, but everyone else went to our afternoon church service. It was so good and just what I needed to hear! After Ben got home from work we let G open some presents from his enormous extended family. 
Grayson had a big time opening his presents. Okay, he had a big time shredding all the paper from his gifts. 
This little guy was all sorts of wound up on Christmas Eve! 

Christmas morning was so much fun this year. We woke up at the crack of dawn (6:30) to see what Santa brought! 
 Well, in case you were wondering, Santa came! So did the grandparents. :)
Grayson has the best expressions...this is his "surprised" face. It's my favorite! He only does this when he gets really excited. Needless to say, we saw this face a lot on Christmas morning! 

The lawnmower was a pretty big hit. He chases Huddy around the house with it & cracks himself up. Poor sweet dog! 
Ben's family
my family

our little family! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!


Unknown said...

He is too too cute! :-) Glad you had a good Christmas!

Catherine/The Anderson Family said...

Love Grayson's surprised face! haha I miss you guys! Maybe we can all get together next week. :)