Grayson the Gnome

Halloween was so much fun this year but I've got to be honest...I'm glad it's over! We have been so busy with Halloween activities. Grayson and I are exhausted! Last night was a little different than last Halloween. Look at our little pumpkin a year ago:
G was so tiny! We sat on the porch and passed out candy. This year we got to go trick or treating! We live in a huge neighborhood but we decided to stick to our little street this year. 
This is the only picture I have of my gnome without ripping the beard off. How funny does he look?! Like a little old man. 
We had to make the garden gnome pose in the flowerbed. You know, because we're cool like that. 
Ben had this wonderful plan of pushing the gnome in his car so we didn't have to chase him up and down the sidewalk. We made it to our next door neighbor's house and then he jumped ship. typical. He was a gnome on the run! 
Grayson thought the phrase "trick or treat" was hilarious & this was the face we got every time he heard it. Ha! He is such a ham.
 Can you see why G wanted to jump ship?? He saw his buddy, Gray! Leslianna and Andy moved right next door to us last spring and their little girl, Gray, is 10 months older than Grayson. Gray taught Grayson (seriously...how easy are their names for each other?! haha) how to trick or treat.
He followed her to all of the houses on our street...they were so sweet!
Gray was Dorothy...how sweet does she look??
Grayson had  a lot of fun going to the houses on our street. He didn't quite understand the concept of grabbing the candy; he preferred to try and go inside their house-ha! He's friendly! He also remembered where all of the neighbor dogs lived and was looking for them when we got to the front door...this boy LOVES dogs! 
I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


jeannie said...

I laughed out loud at the garden gnome pose.....that was hilarious! Love your sense of humor!

Julie @ The Smitten Mintons said...

Haha I love this costume!!! He's so adorable as a gnome!

the workaholic momma said...

AAWW - so cute!!! I adore his halloween costume..he looks so stinkin cute in it!!

Glad you guys had a great Halloween:)

Elizabeth said...

too cute! what a great costume :)

Annie said...

oh my! i'm totally loving his costume!! too cute!!!
glad ya'll had a fun halloween! :)