You asked, I answered (part 1)

Y'all asked some good questions! Thanks for not making me feel lame...ha! I appreciate it! Alright, here you go!

Becca asked....

Why did you move away from Atlanta? Ben and I had originally planned to live in Atlanta. It was something we talked about right after got engaged. He looked into jobs around the Atlanta area but other cities offered more. We narrowed it down to Birmingham & Nashville but in the end decided we wanted to try Nashville! Financially it made sense for us to move here. I did the ugly cry when I realized Atlanta wouldn't work for us, but I have loved living in Tennessee. I'm so glad we ended up here!

Are you planning on staying home indefinitely? I would love to stay home while all of our kids are little! Obviously, if I have to go back before then, I will...but I love being a stay at home mama!

What is your favorite thing to splurge on? That's tough! I like hunting for bargains. However, before I had a baby and actually carried around a real big girl purse, I loved my Michael Kors & Coach bags. I still flock to them when I'm at the mall & then I sadly remember that my SkipHop bag is the only thing I carry. For now ;)

What is your all time favorite movie? Can I have more than one? okay. thanks.
Now and Then
Dazed and Confused
The Help
Man on Fire

Have you started Christmas shopping? Yes! I do most of it online thanks to Amazon & Zulily. I despise the mall & major shopping centers during November & December. ick.

What is Grayson's favorite thing to say right now? He says "bye" and blows kisses all.the.time. The mailman drove by? "Bye" *blows kiss* The construction workers in the neighborhood are working next door? "Bye" *blows kiss*

Any more children...? (Okay, I know this is totally inappropriate but I know you won't be mad at me for asking!) Not inappropriate! I ask it...ha! Or maybe I'm inappropriate? I have always wanted a big family. The only child in me yearns for a house full of kids. I've always said I wanted 4. Okay, that's a lie. I used to say I wanted 5. However, I came to my senses my husband said I was crazy and I settled on 4. He says 3. Whatever, minor details. But yes, definitely more kids! We made 1 cute one...why stop there?!

Natalie asked...

Yeah, I wanna know about baby #2, also! Plans? I would love to have kids close in age! I wouldn't mind having a 2012 baby!

I also wanna know your next baby boy name:) ...promise I won't steal... unless it's already on our list! We had Grayson's name picked out before we were even pregnant. We don't have another boy name picked out! I have a couple family names I would like to incorporate but nothing set in stone. I'll keep those in my brain just because that's part of the fun when announcing a new baby! Haha...sorry!

What kind of car are you toting G man around in? a 2006 navy blue Nissan Pathfinder

my very own swagger wagon.
What does Ben do for a livin'? He's a pharmacy manager for a Walgreens in Nashville. AND he works at a store that lots of country music stars frequent. I'll pretend I'm not extremely jealous.

How in the world do we know so many of the same people?! I have no idea how we're connected! Shoot girl. If we could figure out this whole email thing we could discuss this!  

Shelli asked...

What's your favorite ludacris song? This question cracks me up. I am partial to "Welcome to Atlanta" because I made sure to play it every time I went home from Ole Miss as soon as I saw the ATL skyline!

If G has a sister what would her name be? Very few know the answer to this. Again, I love the fun of announcing a name! I will say that it is a family name and not a common name:)

Where did you and your hubby go on your first date? We actually didn't got out on a date. We ordered take out (Chili's) and watched a movie (The Sweetest Thing) at his apartment! ...with Jack of course:)

I'll be back with the rest of the answers later this week!


Anonymous said...

Love these posts.

I didn't know you wanted a big family! I've always wanted 2 kids. Now? More! I can't picture us with lots of kids (by lots, I mean 3+) entirely, but I just loved being pregnant and having a squishy baby, and I want to do it again and again. Jarrod and I decided 2 for sure, and I sort of convinced him, if #2 is a boy, we must try once more for a girl. :)

the workaholic momma said...

I LOVE this!!! The hubs and I go back and forth on the number of kids we want as well...I think I've finally got him to 3...so I figure we could slip in an extra and get to 4;)

Savannah said...

Yay for a 2012 baby! (hopefully!) I also want a big family with kiddos close in age. Can't wait to watch you fill your swagger wagon!

Shelli said...

Love your Ludacris pick! Ha! I'm not giving away my future baby names either! I don't even like people telling me theirs because I'm afraid I will like it! Ha! Did you know my boy name for Kendall was Grayson??? Weird, huh? ;)