weekend in Oxford

Oxford was SO much fun. I really needed to get away, spend time with my little fam, and see our friends! Grayson was a wonderful traveler and was in a good mood the whole weekend!
I am so happy Whit finally got to meet our little guy...it was love at first sight! :)
I had to get a picture of us in coordinated outfits. We went to the baseball game on Saturday. We sat out in the left field and as soon as I got there I was sweating. Mississippi in April...I totally forgot how hot is gets! G did not like the heat. Me, G, & the girls lasted about 30 minutes before we left and headed to the square to shop. I would rather stroll through the fun shops anyway...although it is quite different with a baby!

My friend is pretty.
....and she has a mini-horse, or goldendoodle, for a pet. Reuger is a giant.
Cathleen came down from Memphis on Saturday! We went to Oxford Floral to look at wedding registry stuff (she's getting married this July!) and I got to see her beautiful ring. I miss these girls so much!!
3 muskateers plus a baby...who would have thought?!
Thanks Whitney & Matt for letting crash at your house and spread our baby stuff ALL over your beautifully decorated home-ha!

Seriously, it was the perfect weekend. I may or may not have cried as we pulled away from South 17th Street. Oh well, guess that means I will have to go back soon!


Kristy said...

awww...very nice! So glad Whitney got to meet little man. Oh, I love G's outfit. :o)

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! Love the pics! :)

My Mississippi Madness said...

AWWW! I'm so sad I didn't get to see you guys!