Baby Products I Heart: not-so-newborn edition

I did a post on this when Grayson was just a tiny baby. Now that he is over half a year old {omg. how can that be??} I thought I would do a new post on the things we love now.
This Fisher Price booster seat. When Grayson & I went to Hotlanta for spring break I had just started feeding him solids. Well, feeding him solids without a highchair was a nightmare. A really messy nightmare. I bought this at Babies-R-Us on sale for $19.99...can you beat that?? We took it to Oxford with us and it made a HUGE difference! It folds up so it is easy to take with you; it straps on to a chair or you can just sit it on a table; it has toys that he can play with. Duh, winning.

Now that I am all crunchy-granola-organicy {I realize that "organicy" is not a word} and making G's food, I love these baby food storage containers from Babies-R-Us. I bought 2 packs of the BRU brand containers & that gives me storage for 32 baby meals! These are BPA Free (no idea what that means), microwaveable, freezable, and dishwasher safe. They stack on top of each other so they don't take up tons of space in the freezer. Love them!

We have entered in to the world of "throwing things off of my highchair on purpose is really fun" phase. Let me tell you, it is not fun. I am smarter than my 7 month old & bought a toy with a suction cup! HA! This toy is from Target & made by Sassy. We use it at home and bring it to restaurants when we decide to be brave & take our screeching monkey out in public.

Mesh bumpers from Target. Call me paranoid, but I did not like when G starting rolling all over his crib and wedging himself up against his old bumpers. It freaked me out. I bought these and am no longer paranoid. They have a little bit of padding so if his head is against the crib, it won't hurt. Are they cute? no. Do I miss his adorable matching bumper? absolutely. Do I sleep better with these? yep.

Sophie the Giraffe. Our $22 chew toy is amazing. This french toy is awesome because G could hold it really easily when he was only 3 months old. I don't know why babies love her, but they do. Sophie is like the Baby Whisperer. You can buy her on Amazon & get a better deal!

The Sassy mesh feeder. I just bought this and think it is so cool! It is a safe way to give your baby fresh fruit. They gnaw on the mesh part and break down the fruit so they can eat it. I actually put small pieces of Grayson's frozen mango in it for him to chew on. He loves it. I warn you though...it makes for a messy treat!

Last but not least, the Halo Sleepsack. We have always used these & we love them! Grayson never liked to be swaddled so this is what we used instead. It keeps him warm and he can't kick covers off. They make swaddle ones too for newborns. Genius!

What do you love? Is there anything that me & G are missing out on??


Allison said...

I've heard so many people talking about how much their babies love Sophie. If I ever have another baby, I'm definitely getting that one!

Shelli said...

Kendall loves Sophie too!! I've been wanting to try the mesh food thingy and the suction cup toy sounds awesome. Winning. Lol

L.Caroline said...

I just bought Sophie off Amazon for a good friend- glad you like it so much! Well, that Grayson likes it!

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