100% boy.

Food has really brought out the boy in Grayson.
He is, by far, the messiest eater ever.
He wants so badly to be able to feed himself. He tries to grab the spoon from me. He tries to grab the food off the spoon. He tries to grab the bowls. Baby-1 Mama-0
By the way, did you know that carrots stain? Hmph.
Can you tell we are enjoying food over here in the May household??


jeannie moore said...

don't guess you will be taking him to restaurants anytime soon......

Jen Watts said...

I did!! dang carrots! Grayson is an adorable eater!

melissa said...

Oh my word! You've got your hands full! So adorable with carrots all over his face though! You might have to feed him in his diaper. Or better yet, right in the bathtub for easy clean up. :)