just another manic monday.

Is it Monday again?

I don't like Mondays. That was my question of the day at school. 15 first graders also said they don't like Mondays.

Grayson woke up at 4am...ouch. His mouth hurts. I feel bad for him. He was SO cranky this morning and pretty much screamed until I dropped him off at daycare.

The kids were crazy today. Spring fever is in full force and I think they actually realize that it is getting very close to summer break. Hallelujah!

Picked up pictures at Wal-Mart after school. Was reminded of why I despise Wal-Mart. It is a cluster you know what. That store just makes me angry.

The gravy was lumpy at dinner. Boo hiss.

Oh, and our credit card was stolen. Someone purchased 4 rental cars in CANADA. Annoying, eh?

I'm ready for Tuesday.


Jen Watts said...

Ok that's a bad Monday! Hope your Tuesday is better!

Shelli said...

Omg! I hope Tuesday is better for you. So scary about the credit cards and the gravy. I've got a full blown teething baby too - I feel your pain momma!

melissa said...

What a crummy Monday! I had to giggle at the "Annoying, eh?" comment. Hope today is a better day and that Grayson's mouth feels better soon.

Natalie said...

4 rental cars? That's crazy!