future best friends

2 weeks ago Grayson got to meet his newest best friend! One of my best friends from high school, Alex, was in town with her brand spanking new baby boy! I was so excited to meet little Hutson!
I loved getting to snuggle up with Hutson. At 3 weeks old, he was still smaller then my big ol' boy at birth. He felt so little! G didn't even notice him until Hutson starting crying...He was too busy reading books and watching their 2 year old nephew, Brady!
How precious is he?? Hutson has the prettiest tan skin. I'm a little jealous!
I've known Alex since middle school. It's so weird to think about all of the life changes we've been through together. We got married a month a part & had babies 5 months a part!
This picture makes my heart happy. It is so surreal that we both have baby boys! Alex, Phil, and Hutson are moving here in June after Phil graduates from dental school. That can't come soon enough. I am so ready for our boys to be able to play together and have one of my friends from home close by! We miss little H already! :)


Jonathan, Lindsay, and Brooks said...

Laura- That is so great! You are lucky to have Alex close by and you both have boys! That last picture makes my heart happy too! This is my favorite stage so far, and seeing everyone go through it is just awesome! I remember when Alex and I were in Elementary school! Crazy how time flies :)

Mrs. McCracken said...

That is so wonderful that you will be so close! Alex looks FABULOUS! Your boys are adorable and you both look wonderful... I hope that I bounce back as quickly as you both have!