Grayson Picasso.

Grayson is quite the artist at school. His teachers, Ms. Pat and Ms. Kristy, crack me up. They do art projects every single day with the babies. I'm not kidding.

I get to bring home cute paintings, handprints, and footprints just about every day from G's classroom. It's so fun! Our fridge is quickly running out of room to store his beautiful creations...and of course I can't bear to throw any of it away. :)
This is what Grayson does when I show him his work. When does this whole I-put-every-single-thing-within-reach-in-my-mouth phase end?
Showing mama the blue watercolors. So proud!
Eh. Got bored. Must return to mouth.
I'm pretty sure we've got a gifted child. Look at that talent! :)