6 months

Happy half birthday to my little man! How can 6 months have already gone by??
Here are G's stats:
weight: 15lbs 14oz
height: 27 1/8 inches
clothes: mostly 6 month clothes and starting to wear some 9 month spring clothes
diaper: annoying! in between sizes. causes a big problem with soaking through clothes!
food: still taking 4 bottles a day and eating 1 meal of solids at night. Hopefully introducing a morning meal this week!
This has been such a fun month! Grayson gets more and more personality every day. He is so funny! He is a very easy-going baby. Ben and I know we got really lucky...G has set the standards pretty high for the next babies! He really only cries when he is exhausted. Other than that, he is perfectly content!
This month Grayson reached a lot of baby milestones! Right after he turned 5 months old, he started sitting up completely on his own. Holy cow...that changes everything! It has been so fun watching him discover things from this new angle. He wants to grab and reach for everything!
G also now has TWO bottom teeth! The 2nd one just poked through today. Little guy is a pretty easy teether so far. No fussing, just gnawing...on everything. I will miss those gummy smiles!
Grayson also finally started rolling over both ways this month. He can get anywhere he wants on his quilt by rolling. It's pretty impressive. However, not so much in the crib. G now rolls all. night. long. I don't like this whole tummy sleeping thing because I am so paranoid! Our doc said to leave him alone (I promise I didn't keep rolling him back over all night long...) and that it is perfectly fine for him to sleep on his stomach now.
This big boy can also stay up past 6pm...HOORAY! We've been trying hard to adjust his schedule to perhaps get him to not wake up at 5am. He now goes to bed between 7:00 and 7:45 and wakes up between 7:00 and 7:30. SO MUCH BETTER!!!!
This month Grayson is loving: his beloved dogs, sophie the giraffe, mama's hair by the fistful, water bottles, the jogging stroller, his BIG BOY carseat, eating apples and carrots, sitting on his quilt by himself and playing with all his toys, sitting in highchairs, jumping, being thrown in the air, screeching, playing in the horse jumper at school, and being outside! (not in the grass, though!)
I love this boy more than I ever thought possible. I still can't believe that God chose me to be his mama...I am thankful for that every single day! Grayson has the best little personality and is such a happy boy. I am loving this stage & think it is so fun to see him experience new things. I am soaking him up right now because this is going by so fast!
Happy half birthday, G!


Jennifer said...

there is no way he is 6 months old. you must be counting wrong!!

Patricia said...

He is adorable! Can't wait to meet the little guy this summer.
T the E

Jen Watts said...

Happy half year birthday Grayson! You seem like such a delightful little man.. Momma must be proud!

Unknown said...

He is getting so big!!!

Natalie said...

I wouldn't worry about him sleeping on his tummy...I finally gave in and let my little man sleep on his tummy and he slept better through the night. My mother-in-law said that everyone used to have their babies sleep on their tummies and they survived! Babies like it b/c they don't feel like the are falling. :)