a boy and his dog(s).

Our dogs were our first babies. I've had Jack since I was 19 and then Hudson & Ellie followed a few years down the road. They've been terribly neglected on the blog recently, but I assure you, they are still ridiculously spoiled. I was really nervous before G came along about them acting crazy and being jealous. But, I have the best dogs ever and they love Grayson. Well, Hud & El love Grayson. Jack ignores him...that's what he does best.
Grayson loves his brother, Huddy! This is what happens after a long day at school.
Grayson squeals and screeches to Huddy, telling him all about his busy day with his baby friends.
See? True love. Hudson is the sweetest, most understanding, and patient dog...ever.
I'm so glad that all my babies get along so well. He's definitely my child!